Capistrano Football Club

Capo FC

About Us


  As of 2020, the Capistrano Football Club (Capo FC) will continue in its 14th season in youth soccer.  We stay committed to development and training youth soccer players of Southern Orange County and sounding communities, continuing to grow strong with over 25 teams and over 300 members.

In our short time, our teams have achieved many accomplishments, winning several club ranked tournaments, with selected teams participating in both the CRL & NPL Leagues. 98% of our players entering high school made their local high school team, and out of our previous graduating age groups, 95% of them are playing college soccer!

2020 is our first year with our newly formed UPSL Pro Team.  Made up of mainly of our former club players, we have great expectations and are excited to see them compete at the next level.


Capo FC is a very passionate and goal driven organization, with player development as our #1 goal. Our Club host three Cal South Sanctioned tournaments, participate in Spring & Summer leagues, as well as host a Spring Futsal League and a Fall 4v4 Little Kickers (intro to soccer) community league.

It is our goal to have our organization recognized for developing skills and understanding of the game, playing with class and character both on and off the field. 


 To provide all players with a fundamental base of technical and tactical skills, while fostering an appreciation and passion for the Beautiful Game. Our program provides each player with the opportunity to improve their soccer ability by stressing fundamental techniques, starting with our youngest players, to the advanced training and development as they progress in the game



 Develop all players to their full potential and instill passion for the world’s greatest sport. To build character and confidence in our student athletes, with the foundation of our core values, hard work and belief 



We stress the importance that the individual player’s development goes hand in hand with the player’s hard work and academic achievements. As student athletes, the emphasis is on player’s behavior and work ethic, on and off the field, as well as academic discipline. This philosophy sets us apart from other clubs, in which we encourage our athletes to target and participate in high school soccer programs and college opportunities. 

Whether we’re training, coaching, evaluating or developing players, we believe that communicating progressive knowledge and tactics of the game ensures capitalization of our player’s physical, emotional and mental endurance, which leads to successful athletic endeavors in the High School and College Soccer realms. In addition, we subscribe to the highest ethical standards, committed to keep children safe from any and all forms of abuse, preventing, recognizing and responding to situations both on and off the playing field that may in any way compromises their safety.



 Character – We emphasize leadership, integrity, respect, responsibility, discipline, accountability, team work, sportsmanship, and the importance of hard work and belief!


Community – Being active members in the community, we strive to be standout representatives and provide a positive impact with our local youth and coaching staff. Offering our youth, a positive and healthy path into becoming student athletes which display outstanding character. Not only within our community, but the surrounding areas, and society at large.


High Expectations - We set high expectations, challenging each individual to achieve their full potential. We install in our youth that anything is possible with hard work and belief.